Art is a big part of our ethos, what we love and what inspires us. Intertwined in the house you will find artworks, which we collected throughout the years and which carefully found their way in our life. 2020 was a big year for many of us on many levels – challenging and frustrating, yet eye opening and daring. In 2020 we missed the opportunity to meet people, discover new creations and projects and support local artist. This also pushed us to think differently and be bold and daring, to reach out and connect. This is why in 2021 we opened our doors to young and inspiring artists in order to  give them another platform to showcase their stunning works. All of the works exhibited throughout the Art@Chabran projects are available for purchase. This is our way to give back to inspiring creators.


Mas de Chabran

Where fashion meets ceramics

On Fire is a personal project of Luca Casillo, it encompasses the purity of the cut, the accuracy of the proportion, the dexterity of the mastering process. A collection of 43 ceramic objects, almost all of which produced exclusively for Le Mas De Chabran. Originally a designer and fashion stylist, working in Paris for the biggest names in the industry Di.Loer found his passion and calling by mastering ceramics in the same way one would work with fabrics. Cutting, assembling, modelling, finishing: the gestures are almost identical, only the material changes: the pattern is now cut in clay which will become earthenware, replacing the sensuous fabrics of ready-to-wear. Ceramics requires calmness and stillness – and this is where Le Mas de Chabran comes in, with its lush green  gardens and sounds of nature, offering the creator a place to quiet the mind and let the process take place.


Florence Bamberger is an artist and art director living and working in Paris.

We fell in love with Florence’s style of single line drawings, her simplicity and her flair. We initially approached her to enquire about specific works and within the end of our conversation we had come up with a completely different concept – a collection of 12 ceramic plates, inspired by Provence, Le Mas De Chabran and everything we love. All of the pieces are available for purchase – an unique gift, to commemorate your stay.


This summer, we wanted to present a new project to our customers. This long and difficult time  led us to refocus on the essential, the human, art and creativity.

That’s why we launched Art @ Chabran – a creative collaboration with extraordinary artists by giving them the opportunity to expose their works in a different environment from the one they know and especially to present them to our customers.

The Bonsai Libertyfiore by Pierre Sagnac has joined Mas a few days ago. A complex, whimsical piece and finesse, put forward in our elegant black marble cuisine. His beauty and elegance leave us speechless ..

The LibertyFiore Bonsai is with us only until the end of the summer but it can become yours forever.